Checklist for Buying a House

Searching for the perfect house is like traversing the jungle without a compass if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a property. For starters, a house should be able to fill your needs now and in the near future. To guide you in looking the ideal house for you, here’s the checklist you can follow when buying a house. 

Work with an agent 

Hiring a Real Estate Agent to help you with the buying process is a brilliant move. You get professional advice on the complicated process of buying a house. You also get to leverage his professional network which can help you find the best deals.  

Search for properties you’re looking to buy 

Look for the properties you can imagine yourself living in. Include your family if you’re planning to have kids or already have kids. Take note of the houses that pique your interests because you’re attracted to its location, features, and amenities. 

Get Pre-Qualified 

This is a free and no-commitment process you can work out with your local banks or lenders. You’ll get a picture how creditworthy you are and the price range of the houses you can really afford. It will also give you an idea of how long you’re going to have to pay for your house purchase. 

Shortlist the properties you can afford 

After getting pre-qualified, it’s time to update your list of choices. Crash out those you can’t afford and narrow down your list for those within your budget range. Rank them according to your preferences and this will serve as your guide as you move on to the succeeding steps.    

Get Pre-Approved  

This is the time where you’ll apply for a home loan. The lender will get the house you want to buy appraised, so they’ll know if it’s worth the amount you’re taking out a loan for and check for every other important detail like the Title. This is also the time you’ll know the actual specifics of your loan. You’ll know how much you need to come up with every month and for how long. Gaining pre-approval from a lending institution ensures the seller that you can pay for the property they’re selling.  

Hire a home inspector 

Hiring the services of an independent home inspector will let you know the current state of the house you’re interested in. An unbiased report will help you decide if the house is worth the risk.   

Home viewings  

It’s now time to view the house yourself and decide for yourself if you’re going to buy the house or consider another property to buy and repeat the process. Once you’ve decided this is the house you want, it’s time to make an offer. Work with your Real Estate Agent during the negotiation process. 


This is the time where ownership of the property changes hands. You will sign all the necessary documents, make the payment, and the seller hands over the keys to your new house.