Which real estate investment is suitable for you?


Investing in real estate is no doubt one of the prolific ideas of bagging higher amounts. Proceeding with needful knowledge about the sector, one can enjoy something significant as output. No doubt the commercial sectors have been more intriguing for the investors regarding return.

However, looking at the demands, all it can be said is that the residential sectors can also be promising once the strategies are up to the mark. In short, it’s the strategies those matter always. On this context, here we present the parameters considering which you can ultimately come up with a desirable outcome.

If finance is concern:

If the finance is a concern for you, then going with the residential projects is something recommended over the commercial ones. The reason is apparent; banks offer higher leeway about financial matters in the case of residential projects than the commercial ones. It can be prolific for you regarding interest rates as well.

Can you afford the time as well?

If arranging finance is not the big clause for you, then commercial investments are always better delivering options. All you need to ensure is that you can afford time as these projects are often time taking. In concurrence, convincing the buyers for initial payments is also challenging.

Well, powered by the experiences of the professionals employed, one can overcome these issues to enjoy a hefty outcome. Residential projects or investments can also offer you flexibilities in terms of tax payments than the commercial projects.

 Eyeing the rents:

If you are up for the real estate industry keeping eyes on the rental returns, then the commercial projects are the better recommendations for you. The best part is that the rental income, in this case, is quite consistent in comparison with the residential projects. In case of the commercial real estate, the rental return can be up to 12%, which is about 3-4% higher in comparison with those like the residential projects. The reason is quite apparent; the chance of the commercial projects being occupied is quite higher in comparison with the residential projects.

Can you afford maintenance?

Any property or project demands maintenance. If there is no adequate manpower available with you on this regard, or if you don’t want to employ manpower for the maintenance purposes, then commercial projects are better options than the residential ones. In the case of the commercial projects, the buyers take the responsibility of maintenance. Whereas, you have to handle the maintenance part yourself in case of the residential projects.

Other reasons: Reselling or loan

Among the other reasons, people show interest about the real estate projects eyeing the return post selling or grabbing loans against it. If selling immediate is your concern, then the commercial projects are the best picks.

These get sold quicker than the residential ones. Well, if the loan for a property is your concern, then the residential projects are recommended keeping the ease of getting a loan in eye. The process is quite gruelling in comparison for the commercial projects on the other hand.